Space Development Lecture

Space Development: The Shift from State Sponsorship to Commercial Enterprise

This lecture provides an overview of the exciting recent growth of private space industry and its new role in opening the space frontier. These new companies offer a sustainable future of space exploration and development in a way that large government sponsored programs have so far not succeeded. However, governments are the key to success and it is due to public private partnerships and targeted state-sponsored programs that have enabled this new industrial sector to grow and flourish. Through innovation and ingenuity, they are exploring potential profit areas in the sub-orbital, orbital, and deep space regimes. The lecture highlights a few success stories and provides examples of how government programs and private investors are contributing to the growth of this new industry.

Speaker: Gary is Senior Advisor at the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg and former Director of NASA's Partnerships Office at NASA Ames.

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Monday 23 July, 20:30h


Leiden Law School


Distinguished lecture


Space Studies Program 2018 participants and general public